Adl Parser

Einbindung der Sourcen des "Java Implementation Projects" in Eclipse

1. Include Jar-Files des Java Implementation Project als User Library. (

• openehr-rm-core: .jar
• openehr-rm-domain: .jar
• openehr-aom: .jar
• openehr-ap: .jar
• adl-parser: .jar

2. Die Klasse "SimpleMeasurementService" zum package "" hinzufügen. (

3. Jar-File "commons-lang-2.3.jar" zum Project hinzufügen. (

4. Verwendung des ADL-Parsers: (

a) One-time use
• Initialize the parser instance:
File adlFile = new File("my_archetype.adl");
ADLParser parser = new ADLParser(adlFile);
String adlText = …; // probably loaded from database
ADLParser parser = new ADLParser(adlText);
• Then call parser.parse() to get the Archetype instance

b) Multiple use
You can also keep the same parser instance after the first use and ask it to parse more archetypes.
• Same as above to get the parser instance _and_ parse the first archetype
• From the _second_ archetype, you need to call the following method:
parser.reInit(File adlFile);
parser.reInit(String adlText);
• Then call parser.parse() to get the Archetype instance.

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