EN13606 XSLT Stylesheet

this stylesheet can be used to view the structure and content of EN13606 EHR extracts.

- DataTypes not implemented
- second version creating "form" to enter data
- tool-tip does not work in IE (links css z-index does not work)

EN13606 XML Schema

An XML Schema to validate EN13606 EHR extracts can be found at the linkEHR.net (pronunciation linkAIR)

EN13606 Archetypes

this Archetypes were developed by Dana Prochazkova within here thesis (Architekturen der elektronischen, lebensbegleitenden Gesundheitsakte: Ein Vergleich der Archetypansätze von CEN und HL7 am Beispiel des Konzeptes „Diabetes“)

This Archetypes are drafts and are derived from openEHR Archetypes

ADL Archetype Syntax Highlighting

I made a syntax file for edit plus: ADL Syntax File for Edit Plus
Install EditPlus, Tools -> Preferences -> Settings and syntax
Hint!!! View -> Code Folding -> Use Code Folding!

EN13606 Mailing List


CEN EN 13606 Mailing List Archive
CEN EN 13606 Mailing List Homepage

I created this CEN13606 mailinglist while writing my thesis in 2006.

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